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Application for Cyclotron Support

1. Applicant's Name (Project Director): First      Last
    Daytime Phone - with arera code:
    Daytime Fax - with arera code:

2. Name of University Campus:

3. Mailing address of Project Director and shipping address if needed:
  Ship: same as mailing or enter below

4. Names of all project participants. Indicate whether co-worker, student, etc.:

5. Briefly describe the research project for which support is requested:

6. Describe the cyclotron services requested, e.g.:
FDG special irradiation solid target irradiation
F- material analysis fast neutron beam
Cu-64 accelerator aging hardening
other, please specify:

7. For what period of time will services be needed. [Funding ends March 31, 2015—we expect to seek renewal.]:

8. Approximately how many total hours of Cyclotron time do you anticipate needing:

9. MURR staff member you will be working with:

10. Are any external funds through grants or contracts provided for this project? CycloSharing funds are intended to support feasibility studies. Please answer either a) or b) depending on whether external support is received for this project from grants or contacts.
    a) If "Yes", give date (month/year) when the grant was awarded and explain why funds from CycloSharing are required.
    b) If "No", give the date when this project began and the schedule for applying for external grant funding.


This page can also be saved or printed and emailed to or Faxed to your MURR Contact.