MURR Research Reactor Center surrounded by fall colors

Products & Services

With its reliable and growing Products and Services division, the people at MURR are making possible custom-made quality nuclear services to a global community – offering a full line of off-shelf products, analyses, research and commercial isotopes and radiochemicals, and analytical and neutron irradiation services to its customers.

  • Radioisotopes/Radiochemicals
    MURR’s quality systems, bulk and research grade radioisotopes and radiochemicals and 16 MeV cyclotron makes it possible to deliver tailored products to fit customer needs.

  • Irradiation Services
    Our reactor design and full-power weekly operating cycle make possible an extensive array of irradiation services.

  • Contract Manufacturing
    MURR’s swift and accurate development and production capabilities help meet on-time needs for its customers and colleagues.

  • Analytical Services
    From small, one-time analyses to long-term projects, our GLP capable Analytical Chemistry Group is here to serve your needs.

  • Business Incubator Facilities & Economic Development
    From concept to commerce MURR, with help from the University of Missouri, is the place to be if you’re a small business in need of incubator facilities. 
Techs in clean room processing radiochemicals