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Endowing The Future

The internationally recognized University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR), a 10-megawatt facility, is the most powerful among the dozens of research reactors located on our nation’s university campuses.

Even worldwide, few facilities can compare.

Those at MURR treat it like the unique national resource that it is, employing the facility as a research source – providing products and services that will save or extend people’s lives.

The superior level of the science at MURR helps put the products and services it offers a step ahead, further fueling the depth of its research.

Through their passion, those at MURR are Endowing The Future. And as more is known and becomes possible, news that can be shared will flow through this new, exciting and easy to navigate site to the students, scientists, engineers, customers, researchers, academic colleagues, industry representatives and general public who will use it – as a beneficial and reliable source for helping others.