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Cyclotron Sharing Program


Essential Isotopes, LLC, jointly owned by the University of Missouri and Mid-America Cyclotron, operates a 16.5MeV cyclotron housed at the University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR®) Center. It is the only cyclotron in mid-Missouri, and affords an exciting opportunity for research in engineering, physical and life sciences. The MU Office of Research has provided funds for a Cyclotron Sharing Program to increase the availability of this unique University resource to faculty throughout the UM System. This program provides funds for cyclotron beamtime and cyclotron isotopes related to faculty research programs that align with Mizzou Advantage initiatives.

User Eligibility

The program is open to all University of Missouri faculty and priority will be given to providing seed funding and/or matching funds for external funding that supports specific Mizzou Advantage collaborations.

Scope of Program Projects

Cyclotron utilization may range from cyclotron produced isotopes to irradiations to support Mizzou Advantage initiatives. Contact the MURR CycloShare Coordinator via the to see if your project can utilize the cyclotron.

Allowable Costs

Allowable costs include irradiation services or cyclotron produced isotopes.


MURR will be submitting an annual report summarizing activities supported under this program. Therefore, participants are asked to send a report to the CycloShare Coordinator describing the projects supported by this program. Particularly useful are copies of papers, publications, posters, theses and/or references to any of these. We request that publications resulting from the CycloShare program include acknowledgment as follows:

This work was supported in part by the MU Office of Research.

Application Submittal

If you are interested in participating in the CycloShare program, please complete the accompanying CycloShare application form and submit it online, by email or fax to MURR staff member with whom you will be working or to the CycloShare Coordinator at

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